In Falu Prison the accommodation is an experience in which the environment has been preserved from prison time

At Falu prison you stay in cells with prisoned barred windows. There are two floors with a total of 42 rooms and 100 beds of 1, 2, 3 or 4 bed cells. There are shared toilets as well as a ladies and a men's shower room per each floor. There is a wheelchair adapted room on the lower floor with its own shower and toilet. On each floor there is a fully equipped self-catering guest kitchen. In the prison's dining room we serve daily breakfast buffet. There’s also large lounging areas across the corridors and in the common room. In the summer you can stay in the picnic area which is equipped with a small stage and with roof pavilions, all equipped with garden furniture.

Bed & Breakfast accommodation

Our Bed & Breakfast concept includes bedding, breakfast and final cleaning. Everything is fixed when you get the key to move in.

Staying as a B&B guest

As a B&B guest you get an entire room that is ready to move into. Breakfast and final cleaning are included. We have singles and 2-bed rooms

The hostel

In the hostel you rent your bed in single room or in a shared room. You bring your own sheets and towels or rent them from us. Breakfast buffet is serviced daily and

Staying at the hostel

You can book a bed in a single or in a shared room. In a shared room you will be accompanied by up to 6 other guests. Shared rooms is also available for booking larger companies. We offer 1-bed-, 2-bed- 3-bed- and 4-bedrooms. 4-bedrooms are available as a family bedroom that will fit 2 adults and 2 children, under the age of 12.