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Falu Prison is close to nature, a paradise for outdoor activities, exploring nature and training.

Dalarna and Falun and the surrounding area offer a comprehensive range of products / activities that have nature experiences of natural reason. You can visit hiking trails in the Falun region with help of the application The Nature Map Falun. There are over 200 places in Dalarna County with various facilities with hiking trails, biking tracks and open-air areas, nature reserves, and more.
We at Falu Prison aim to provide healthy outdoor activity and training while being able to experiences nature at the same time and doing so for a wide audience - all for the benefit of you and your family.

Lugnet, a unique facility with lots of possibilities

Lugnet in Falun is more than just a sports facility. Few people new what was about to happen when Falun started building Sweden's largest sports arena in the beginning of the 1970s.

Over 40 years later, Lugnet in Falun is a completely unique place and an impressive core for sports, exercise and recreational facilities.
Today, there are also high school and college programs that focus on sports programs, research and test centers, event and event organizers.
Lugnet is an impressive facility with unique resources. With sports arenas and activities gathered within a radius of about 1600 meters, Lugnet is a perfect place to hold training camps. There are plenty of opportunities for other activities: indoor and outdoor baths, exercise tracks and hiking trails in the outdoor area, adventurous golf, bowling,  and funicular to the jumping track where you can get a fantastic ride up the ski jumping towers and a visit to the ski museum of Lugnet.
The nature reserve Lugnet has a large number of hiking trails with picnic areas, barbecue areas, wind shelters and viewpoints from where you can see all over Falun and Lake Runn.

Family biking is carried out on fantastic biking tracks and gravel roads with no cars. For the MTB cyclist, there are MTB tracks run by Biking Dalarna. Right now they are building a hottest MTB track for extreme MTB cycling.

In winter, there are fantastic ski tracks with artificial snow for both the purpose of practicing skiing and for elite skiing. It's the same track as the Ski World Championships used and which today the Ski games use. For the joggers, there are jogging tracks about 3, 6 and also 9 miles that runs all through fantastic lovely enviroment.

Visiting goals and activities:

Visiting Goals:
Lugnets Nature reserves,
Funicular to the jumping track,
View from the jumping track tower,
Ski museum at the jumping track tower
Hiking trails:  
Jungfrubergsspåret 3.7 miles, partly hilly,
Bergsstigen 7.5 miles, hilly.
Jungfrubergsstigen 3 miles, easy hiking
Stugstigen 2.5 miles, easy hiking.
Carl Larssonleden 6.2 miles one way -return by bus or by foot.
The water's path from four different starting places to the mine, length -
18.6 miles.
Resting places and cabins:
Sjulsarvsstugan (cabin),
Lärkstugan (cabin),
​​​​​​​Jumping track towers,
Åsboparken (windshield),
Högsta punkten (windshield),
Jungfruberget (windshield),
Garves bod (windshield),
Kolarkojan (windshield),
Biking Tracks:
MTB: se Biking Dalarna
Berguven, green track 1.9 miles,
Lungnets blue track, 4.3 miles,
Lugnets red track, 9.3 miles,
Stora Stöten, black track, 1.5 miles
Family biking:
Pathbiking on Lugnet, 
Falun-Sundborn-Falun, 18.6 miles,
Around Varpan, 9.3 miles.
Around Runn, 31 miles.
Paddling: Free paddling on Runn or Varpan,
The paddling arena in Främby,
Paddling track in Hosjö
The Nature Map Falun