Lugnet, a paradise with nature oriented outdoor activities, culture and training

Preserving nature

Dalarna and Falun and the surrounding area offer a comprehensive range of products / activities that have nature experiences of natural reason. We at Falu Prison have the purpose of enabling outdoor life, nature experiences and lovely exercise that suits most people - for the benefit of you and your family.
We provide information of outdoor activities in the area of the prison. with help of the application The Nature Map Falun. There are over 200 places in Dalarna County with various facilities with hiking trails, biking trails and open-air areas, nature reserves, and more. Especially Lugnets Nature Reserve with hiking and cycling is an attractive outdoor area. It is only a 15-minute walk from Falu Prison to the Lugnet.


In Falun, only a 15 minutes walk from the prison, Lugnet has a nature reserve with a number of hiking trails from 2.5 miles up to 7.5miles, and the Carl Larson trail to Sundborn which is about 6 miles one way. The trails passes by a number of viewpoints with views of the river and also over Lake Runn. All trails pass by rest areas, windshields and cabins with the possibility to grill over open fire.


Lake Runn offers fine paddling areas with good docking bridges. Runn is a lake with many islands and nice places to go ashore. Runn is connected to Dalälven via Torsång in Runn's southern end. Here you can reach various paddle waters and paddle experiences in Dalälven's water.
In addition, there is a canoe slalom track at Hosjöholmen about 6 miles from Falun. The canoe slalom track at Hosjöholmen is one of the world's best for basic and everyday practicing canoeing for children, for young people and adults as well as for beginners and experienced paddlers. There is also a wild water park at Främby about 3 miles from the prison. Here you can try out paddling canoe slalom first.

Winter with long-distance skating, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing in a zone nearby

Skating Dalarna and Falu Prison offer the skating package with accommodation and skating on Lake Runn, and other plowed lakes nearby. see
Lugnet has skiing tracks for both practicing skiing and for competition skiing, for exemple the Swedish Ski Games with the World Cup, among others. Come and try the killer hill, the practicing tracks about 3, 6 and 9 miles are quite hilly. Please note that tickets is required to gain access to Lugnet's artificial ski tracks. Ticket is paid at reception.
Ski paradise Sörskog, for the family. About 12 miles from Falun is a ski mecca for cross-country skiing. Track lengths from about 1.5 miles to 11 miles. The tracks are reminiscent of the old style ski tracks with forest-like nature, nice hills and fine tracks. There are a number of resting places along the tracks where you can enjoy your snack. Very suitable for families with children.
Stångtjärns skiing tracks. 3 miles from Falun. Tracks that are easy to maneuver, from 1.5 miles to 8 miles. Suitable for families with children.
Downhill; Källviksbacken, almost 2 miles from Falun, Bjursås Ski Center about 12.5 miles from Falun, Romme Alpin about 12.5 miles from Falun.

Moose, Wolf, Bear and Beaver safari

Wild Sweden runs a moose, beaver, wolf and bear safari. Tours are available in Falun and the surrounding area. Check out their website for times and places When you stay with us at the prison, Wild Sweden picks up and transports you to exciting places.

Family biking

Family biking around Falun offers nice bike trails, both easier and not so hilly, to trails with a bit more hilly terrain. By bike you can get to different cultural places of interest or nature's own places with nice resting places. Biking to Sundborn, and a visit to Carl Larson-gården, the home of Carl Larsson, provides both an experience of nature's assets with cultural elements. Even biking around Runn and staying for a lunch break at Torsång's café, which is located along Runn's shoreline, is a nice biking experience. Total distance about 28 miles.

MTB, Country Road Biking and Velodrome  

With many opportunities for biking, everything from family biking to extreme biking with special MTB tracks on Lugnet with Biking Dalarna, Falun has become a city that bikes a lot. Now there is an MTB track with classification for the world cup, XCO. Country road biking around Falun offers nice biking trails, both easier and not so hilly, to trails with a bit more hilly terrain that is used in the Swedish Championships. Falun has Sweden's only velodrome, not full size, but a good complement for practicing during the winter. A good combination is MTB together with Landsvåg's biking and finish with Velodrom. We have a simpler bicycle workshop in our basement where you can get help to adjust gears and other things.


Training camp
Have the club's training camp at Falu Prison Hostel both for the summer and winter. In the vicinity of Lugnet's sports facilities and track systems, the active interchanges provide good exchanges during training. Falun is a biking city with MTB tracks, country road biking and has Sweden's only Velodrom.

Summer and winter training Running, nordic walking and roller skiing in very hilly terrain. Use ski jumping track platforms for resilience and strength training. It is a very suitable terrain for cross-country skiers during the dryland period. Try on the famous killer hill with running, nordic walking or skiing in the winter.
There it is extremely good for cross-country skiing on Lugnets track system with the killer hill as the crown at the top. There is engines developing diagonal skiing and the sprint course used at the world cup, for sprint training.

Competitions in Falun

At Lugnet's sports facility, sports tournaments are performed all year round. There are 65 halls / courses for a number of different sports amongs famous competitions such as MTB Långa Lugnet, Ski World Cup, Swidish Ski Games, Little SS, Floorball Axa - SoccerCup, Kopparcuppen - handball, Falu Summer Soccer Cup.
Falu Prison offers sports teams an affordable and comfortable accommodation within walking distance of Lugnet. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the railway station to the prison. We also have parking for buses.

Close to Falun

  • Ernst Rolf Gården: 
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  • Stabergs Bar and Garden with Café: 
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  • Bjursås Skicenter – Snow Information: 
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  • Aspeboda Golf Clubb: 
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  • Dalsjö Golf Clubb: 
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  • Samuelsdals Golf Clubb: 
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  • Rental of canoes and  Long-dsistence Skates: 
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  • Rental of Bicycles
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  • Snowinformation for the ski tracks in Falun:  
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